Sunday, November 13, 2011

The love of a child....even when that child is someone else's!

I had my niece all weekend long.  It was awesome to have her over.  She's 11 and ever since she was born, we've been pretty much joined at the hip.  She has my pointy chin, the same head of hair and quite the feisty personality.  I like to tell myself she takes after me.  Even if it's not true.  I love this little girl with a passion fierce.

Yesterday, we had her friend over and we had a great time.  Shopping, dinner, bonfire, marshmallows, movie.  I think she felt completely spoiled because all weekend long, she was the center of my attention and when you have three other siblings, I think that has to feel lovely.  She also has a non-existent biological mother (and honestly, this is a good thing for her and her brothers) and my sister-in-law, her stepmother, has a houseful of kids that she's trying to love and raise.  Sometimes, that one-on-one time is the best gift you can give to a kiddo like Mallory.

Anyway, I overheard her and her friend in the garage yesterday and inevitably, the question came up, as it always does, about whether or not I had any children.  I could have kissed Mallory for her response.  Without hesitation and with a smile in her voice, she said, "Nope.  She doesn't need children.  That's what we're for.  We're her children!" and off they went to draw on the sidewalk.

What would usually hurt me, that question I hear ten times a week thanks to marriage, age and my overall love of everyone else's kids, didn't phase me at all because Mal's response was so genuine and sweet.  She didn't know I could hear them, she just looks at our situation with childlike innocence.  To her, we don't NEED children because we have her and her brothers and sister.

I realized right then and there that no matter what happens in our situation, I will continue to love those kids as I always have, stay focused on their futures and helping out in any way possible when they need me.  They need me just as much as I need them and that's a good feeling.  This weekend was like a balm for my sad soul.  Just hearing her laugh and watching her dance around the movie theatre Friday was better than $600 of therapy.

After I took her home today, she sent me a text that said, "I love you so much.  I can't wait to see you next weekend.  Will you straighten my hair?"....All I could do was smile.  It's good to feel loved and needed even by other people's little miracles.  In one way or another, they are my miracle too.  They bless me more than they will ever know!

Friday @ the IMAX 3D of Puss In Boots
She was super excited.


  1. Aww! This is a really sweet post :) Glad you and Mallory have each other :)

  2. So cute!! She'll be a fantastic babysitter!!!

  3. Awww what a cool pic lol

    She is lucky to have you, it looks like you two have a beautiful bond, and the response she gave was innocently sweet =)

  4. What a sweet post, I have my 11 year old niece this week too and now I'm even more excited!

  5. I read your blogs and it's bitter sweet, as your mom I feel the need to fix what hurts you. I wish it were that simple. I am so proud of you. You blow me away with your wisdom and knowledge. I love you so very much.

  6. I bet you are the greatest aunt that ever lived. You can be my aunt anytime....which I realize would be strange. But whatevs. Mallory is so lucky to have you!

  7. wow, what an awesome story and great niece!!