Friday, May 25, 2012

It's a........


We are so excited!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ok, let's see....Update time, yes?

I am finally starting to show.  If you didn't know me and saw me, you'd think I should probably lay off the burgers and fries.  If you know me, you can probably tell I'm a little bit with child.  It's really only started showing these past two weeks.  I haven't gained any weight yet, but I did lose 4 lbs, 3 of which I have gained back.  The doctor said this is all ok considering I gained about 12 lbs between August and February on the fertility meds.  Now that I'm off them, eating a pretty good diet and drinking a gazilion gallons of water a day, it's to be expected.  These next few weeks should show the needle on the scale inching upwards.  We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow, we have our anatomy ultrasound and we find out what we're having (if the little scrip scrap cooperates).   I am beyond excited.  I just keep thinking that tomorrow is the ultimate day for me so far....I will find out if I am going to have a SON or a DAUGHTER.  That's amazing.  After all the hurt, the worry, the frustration, the tears, the anger.... I get to finally imagine what our life might look like in a few months.  I know my wildest imagination could never come up with even a glimmer of how wonderful (and terrifying) this will be, it's still lovely to try.  Let's just hope the little stinker cooperates and remembers what mommy had to do all those times in the stirrups....SPREAD EM!  

In other news, Rik got a part in the movie "42" as a featured extra.  Basically, Harrison Ford's movie about Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball is partly being filmed here in Chattanooga at Engle Stadium.  Engle is a very old baseball stadium that hasn't been used in almost 30 years.  It's historic and beautiful and perfect for this movie.  Rik auditioned for a part, didn't get it....then got called back to do the camera blocking about a month ago and then got called back last week to actually be in the movie as the Cincinnati Reds 1st baseman.  Today is the first day on set and it's been raining off and on all day long.  He's in an old school WOOL uniform (he claims it's like sweatpants pajamas) and using an old timey mitt and cleats.  He looks pretty cute!  They even cut his hair into a more time-appropriate style. HA! He is loving every minute of this and it's definitely going to be something cool to tell the kiddo someday.  Thank the LORD, he managed to be off tomorrow.

Oh, before I forget...  I had NO idea that pregnant skin burns a lot easier than just plain crappy white skin.  To you ladies who knew this information and chose not to share it, you are in the dog house!  I rely on you, Girlfriends, to share all the crucial survival tips of getting through 9 (10) months of Human Greenhousing!  I was out in the overcast, dreary, grey day last Saturday for a total of 1.5 hours.  I squeezed (literally) myself into my bikini from last year (imagine a freshly popped can of biscuits) and set up shop at my friend's pool to relax and enjoy the warm day.  Little did I know, I was baking myself and my rascal to a flaky crisp!  The burn (to put it mildly) hurt for SIX DAYS!  I am still shocked I ended up that sunburned, but goodness!  I had no idea that would happen.  So, since none of you dahlings warned ME, I'm putting it out there now for all the up and coming pregnant tanners pasties, WEAR SPF 100 SUNBLOCK WHILE PREGNANT BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP LOOKING LIKE CRISPY BACON OTHERWISE!!!!  Ok, there.  I feel better.

Who knew skin could itch like this, by the way.  I am going through an insane amount of lotion here on  a daily basis trying to avoid scratching the first three layers of skin off my stomach and my tatas ... I've always heard not to scratch but goodness, it's nonstop itching.  Even my legs have joined in on the action today.  I have a feeling a growth spurt is under way.  :)  In other skin news, my epidermis is enjoying being pregnant and I haven't had a single breakout in three months.  How crazy is that?  It's like magic.

Rumor has it my little tot is about 4 inches long right now.  All the weekly updates I've read don't match up so I'm just going to assume 4 inches is about right.  The fruit this week is an apple.  Last week, a lemon.  Why do they use fruit?  Why not a tennis ball or a dessert plate?  I think the baby sights use those subliminal messages to try and get you to eat less mexican pizza and more fruits and veggies.  It works.  I think I've eaten my weight (laughable) in fruit in the past three months.  I'm trying to eat healthy and make good choices.  I am not always spot on, but I am proud of myself for doing so well.  I always ask myself, "What nutritional value is this offering my little one if I eat it?"  If I can't come up with at least a few, I don't eat it.....usually.  That's been tough.   Sometimes, I just want a cheeseburger.  Luckily, my good friend Emily and I set up a double date for us and our hubby's last week and we did just that.  We went to Tremont Tavern and had ourselves a Jalepeno Burger that was very tasty!  Fries on the side!  She is four weeks ahead of me and it's been awesome having her to go to for tips and to find out just what's coming next.  She even felt her little girl move last week for the first time!  So exciting.

My Mom has officially gone baby bananas.  It's so cute.  She has already spent way too much money on this baby (and me).  She bought me a ton of maternity clothes that I can't wait to wear (I may regret that comment in 5 months).  She has also already bought her own car seat, swing and play yard to keep at her house.  She's even moving the tanning bed out of her office so that she can set up a little nursery area for the baby.  Out with the fake bake, in with the crib!  She has signed up for the weekly updates so she always knows what's going on with her newest grandbaby and baby.  I love all the excitement my family and so many of my friends have about this pregnancy.  They all know how much we wanted this and how happy we are with this blessing.

Now, I need more advice from you mommy lovelies.  Two things:  

What is the ONE baby item that you can't imagine living without?  
What is the ONE baby item you haven't used and think is a complete waste of money?

I'm going to make a list so I can make sure I don't miss out on the goodies!  
Love to you all!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chiropractor....I love you.

So, I am sitting here at the chiropractors office waiting to get cracked.  It's been a help so far, I have to say.  I was miserable two weeks ago! The guy I see is a specialist in maternity adjustments (no idea what that's called). He even has a funny table with a place for the belly to pop down in. :) 

I am 14 weeks today. I can't believe it!  We find out the gender next Tues.  I am so excited! What do you think? Boy? Girl?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quick pic. Promise I will write soon!

It's been bananas around here so I haven't had time to write! However, here is a pic of my stinker as he/she was one week ago.

Sexy side profile & a cute shot of the tootsies!