Monday, September 20, 2010

Baseball Blues!!!


I really love the Braves.  It's one of those things I seriously love and obsess about.  I don't really get into any other sport and thank goodness it's a long season so I don't have to wait but a few months between the end of one and the start of another.  I think I'd drive my husband crazy otherwise.

(My MVP....Martin Prado)

I'm so dumpy because the Braves were winning their division and now they are in 2nd playing the 1st place team, our division rival naturally.  We lost tonight so that makes the Phillies 4 games up on us and we only have 11 games left in the regular season.  Five of which are against the Phillies.  Luckily, we're still winning in the wild card race but the teams in the west that are chasing us are all playing each other so they can gain ground quickly....

(We were hoping Bobby would get ejected....he behaved)

Maybe I'll wear my Braves jersey under my work clothes tomorrow and see if that can't help our luck a little bit?? haha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Blog By Any Other Name...

A Blog By Any Other Name....would not be as sweet!

Solo Pronto!  

When I chose this name for my blog, it was because of what it meant:  I am ready.  Not really knowing what lay in my future, it seems ironic that I would pick something so completely fitting for what was to come.  As my husband says, "Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes".  It was serendipitous to be sure.

When I wrote my little tag line at the top of the page, I didn't really know what all successes, failures, fears, joys, accomplishments, etc I would have in the coming months, but the last year or so has been stocked full of them.  All of them.  And I said I was ready....but as I quickly found out, there were times that I wasn't.  Not even close.  But then you have to consider that I'm accepting my failures here while rejoicing in my successes so if not being ready is a failure, I accept it and then rejoice in that success.

Solo Pronto!

It's been so nice to have this little place where I can jot down my thoughts in a rather intimate manner and not really worry about who reads it because honestly, only a few of you KNOW me.  I can just relax and be me and not worry about being the topic of conversation around the water cooler the next day (unless one of you, my five followers, happens to have some weird water cooler chats).

I've considered inviting people from my email list or family members or coworkers or facebook pals, but honestly, most of them don't know about half of the things we've been through in the last year and I'm pretty alright with that.  Although, I will admit to complaining about having only 5 followers to my husband the other night...again, accepting my failures here.

I want to thank each and every one of you for reading and making me feel better when I've needed a little boost.  I "ain't to proud to beg" now and then either as you've noticed!  Thank you for indulging me, sometimes it's food for my soul.

Ok, to celebrate one of my accomplishments and end on a happy note, I'm doing really well in my new job and already have a potential new opportunity within the company.  A prominent family in town hired me to be a Legal Assistant for their law firm but I've not actually done much of that.  I think they've been trying to decide if that's really where they want me or not.  So, I have been doing other stuff for some of the other businesses this family owns as well as some of the legal stuff.

I'm working very hard and doing anything that anyone needs done (including but not limited to babysitting, hole punching, wine pouring, condo cleaning for the boss, balancing spreadsheets and making an insane amount of trips to the bank and post office).  I figure the best way to make myself indispensable is to do every "grunt" job that needs to be done until they assign me a full workload.  It's paying off and I'm proud of my persistency and the fact that I've swallowed my pride and started from ground zero again.  Ok, not ZERO, more like five or six on a scale of one to ten with ten being where I was seven months ago.  :)  It's good to be making a good name for myself again.

Hopefully, I will have the opportunity I'm hoping for with them...It may be a better fit for me than my previous job ever was.  I heard something the other day that has really stuck with me.  I'm happy that I've turned a corner and am now able to see something positive out of losing my job in March.  What stuck with me was this phrase: "Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can happen".  Maybe this job was my something better?


Monday, September 6, 2010

Past Few Weeks...

The past few weeks have been interesting....I've fallen back into a routine and somehow, a happiness that I guess only routine and normalcy can bring you.  I have never really thought my success as a professional defined me as a person, but I realize now it must.  I've been in the worst funk the past six months.  Neurotic, depressed, sad, moody, grumpy, quiet (very out of the ordinary), and pretty much just all 'round FUNKY.  I was questioning my intelligence even... as in, I'm not smart because I don't have a "real" job.  It was really weird to realize all of this the other day.

I realized that I was whistling and singing while doing housework the other night and it struck me that I wasn't dumpy, or moody or sad.  I was actually happy and all I was doing was putting away dishes.  So, I started thinking about things I was feeling and realized that I felt USEFUL again.  I felt like I was contributing to something again.  Even though I was making really good money working at the restaurant, I  wasn't looking at that job as "useful" or "REAL" for some reason.  It's just as useful and real as any other job, but when you're 30, I guess bar tending isn't really what you're hoping you'll do forever.  I'm still doing that a few days a week though, but only because I enjoy it.

I've been home for dinner lately, enjoyed some snuggle time on the couch with the hubby and gotten to sleep at a normal hour again...It's been good for me and I have to say that I'm glad I have the job I have and hopefully, I'll continue to feel GOOD again.  I've missed this version of me.  I like her so much more than I used to; I'm taking nothing for granted these days.

Oddly enough, I got this job on the day I announced to my husband that I was going to be getting myself together again...This was only after looking at several blogs I've come to love about adoption and more adoption and wondering if I should get back to work so that WE could possibly, one day adopt a baby in need...  (((I highly recommend that you follow both of these blogs if you want to read about the process of adoption AND about the love of two mothers and two fathers and a LOT of brothers and sisters!))))

What does it ALL mean????  :)  Do you believe in signs???  Oh, and guess how many internationally adopted kids I've seen in the past three days?  Three.  Hmmm......

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Artistic Husband....

I am hoping all of you (all five of you) will wander over and check out my hubby's new website and blog...  Not only is he super attractive, but he's creative and smart too.  Quite a catch!!!  Here is a picture of his most recent painting....  I happen to love it.

The horse in the bottom right corner was my favorite I have also attached a picture of it. 

I wish I was this creative!