Monday, September 20, 2010

Baseball Blues!!!


I really love the Braves.  It's one of those things I seriously love and obsess about.  I don't really get into any other sport and thank goodness it's a long season so I don't have to wait but a few months between the end of one and the start of another.  I think I'd drive my husband crazy otherwise.

(My MVP....Martin Prado)

I'm so dumpy because the Braves were winning their division and now they are in 2nd playing the 1st place team, our division rival naturally.  We lost tonight so that makes the Phillies 4 games up on us and we only have 11 games left in the regular season.  Five of which are against the Phillies.  Luckily, we're still winning in the wild card race but the teams in the west that are chasing us are all playing each other so they can gain ground quickly....

(We were hoping Bobby would get ejected....he behaved)

Maybe I'll wear my Braves jersey under my work clothes tomorrow and see if that can't help our luck a little bit?? haha

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  1. LOL, reading this post was like talking to my husband. He's from STL originally, so of course watching the Cardinals is a way of life in our house. Thank God for the baseball package so we can watch all 160+ games every year (please note the sarcasm here). Don't get me wrong, I like baseball, but it'd be nice if we could watch the Twins instead of the Cards sometimes!