Monday, September 19, 2011

I knew I was pale, but low Vitamin D?!

So, we went to our new RE appointment last week.  It was fantastic.  It wasn't a mood-lit, privately situated waiting room, with a cozy feel kind of clinic like our last one...but I felt in better hands.  The office we met in wasn't posh.  It wasn't even fully (or comfortably) furnished.  It was bright, white, clean, sterile, serious, functional and there in the middle of the bare desk was our new client package we filled out the weekend before our appointment.  Complete with notes scribbled all over it, things highlighted, you get the point...

It felt like a CLINIC.  Not a spa.  If that's one thing I've learned in this, it's that it doesn't matter what a place looks like, how much they are blowing on tv's for the rooms, how cozy the waiting area is...what matters is that the doctors get to KNOW us, have their eyes on the prize and treat us with respect.  Now, let's be clear here-we didn't select our previous clinic for it's luxury or it's ultra-cool equipment.  We had TWO to choose from and we had a 50/50 chance of finding the right clinic for us.  And let's be honest, we felt pretty good about them at first too.  I'm not claiming this is the alpha and the omega of clinics.  I just felt secure.

The differences so far?  Dr. S (new doc) educated us.  Without having to be asked to do so.  She talked to us about miscarriages, about egg quality and ovarian reserve, about % of success with each type of treatment, she gave us charts and graphs, she asked us for information, listened carefully and then ruled out several treatment options because they won't increase our chances of conception more than a percent or two.  She suggested doing some tests (we were so glad about this) to try and figure out why we aren't getting pregnant instead of just throwing us into the same pool they throw every other couple into when they join the clinic.  She took five tubes of blood!  She asked if we could do an ultrasound at the beginning of my cycle.  These things were highlights of my week!  Sad huh?  I was just so happy that she was planning to dig in to find our problem (if possible).

Based on some of my responses to Dr. S's questions, she decided it's possible that I have endometriosis.  I am NOT thrilled with this.  My OB/GYN had very casually thrown out this idea a few years ago, but I have never felt that exploratory surgery was justified by a few crampy days per month.  Apparently, it's more than that and if this could help, I'm all for it.  So that's coming up very soon.  Soon as in, probably next Monday.  Eek.  I get really nervous about this type of thing.  I am not a good patient, poor Rik.  It's not that I am whiney exactly, it's just that if it hurts, well....I say it hurts.  Several times.  Ok.  Fine.  Maybe just a tad bit whiney...

I called today and left a message for the results of my blood work and it turns out everything came back "positive" except that I have low Vitamin D.  What's sad is that I had just gotten back from spending a LOT of time in the sun so can you imagine how low it was before vacation?  Sheesh!  I'm not sure what all they tested me for but since they were already closed for the day when I got their message, I guess I'll have to call them tomorrow.  It was nice to get a call back within 45 minutes.  Our last clinic never called back before 6:30 or 7:00 pm and usually, at that point, the nurse was a terrible grump!

So, we're happy.  Feeling positive.  Hoping for some good results in the near future.  If we can't get good results with this clinic's help....on to adoption we go.  I will update you as soon as I have more info to share.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a pretty picture my hubby took.  I just love it.


  1. wishing you all the best and fingers crossed for you guys!

  2. The right doctor can make all the difference in the world!! (Here by way of my good buddy Elizabeth at Many Many Moons.) Wishing you all the best and I hope you get the answers you are searching for!

  3. Hey....visiting via E at many many moons....Wishing you all the best in surgery. I had it done a few years ago and was diagnosed with endo (they ablated it while in there) and wow....pain free periods for 6+ months! It was amazing! I know it won't 'help' having a diagnosis, but sometimes just knowing the possible cause for this terrible journey helps. Rest, relax, and veg out for a few days!

  4. Here thanks to Elizabeth and have to say I stumbled upon the perfect post - Vitamind D deficiency can be a key contributor to infertility. (all of the sordid details are here thanks to Jay- she's amazing: )

    I read that and was flabberghasted. I have like NO natural production of vitamin D thanks to a) living in the tundra b) wearing SPF 208 24x7 c) large floppy sun hats and long shirts and pants and d) a past battle with melanoma.

    During TTC #1 NO ONE EVER said that IF and Vit D levels could be related. No one noticed my low levels until 4 months into my pregnancy.

    During TTC #2, I was well fortified (3000iu per day) and well, let's just say that TTC was a bit of a misnomer, there was no trying, it happened the first month.

    Just sayin'...

    Good luck and start supping Vit D stat! :)

  5. amiracle4us, I was really hoping for that diagnosis because like you said, just knowing the possible cause helps and gives me hope. Unexplained infertility is horrible....At least this may be a possibility now! I'm cleaned up and ready to boogie!! Oak, I am going right now to check out that blog! I too wear SPF 2000 all the time, floppy hats, etc., because I'm super fair skinned and terrified of melanoma. I guess I'll have to make some adjustments in that department, but until I get my levels back on track, Maximum D3 is my new bestie. Kellie, I couldn't agree more. I feel so confident in this doctor now. I trust her and that's such an awesome feeling! Thanks for commenting!