Friday, September 9, 2011

RE Stands for Reproductive Endo!@#$!@#$%

No, does.  Look it up in the dictionary.  That's where I found it anyway.

I have news.  I made an appointment with our new RE for next week!  I called, told the lady a little about our situation and she was incredibly sweet and talked to me for over 15 minutes.  I already feel better.  The funny thing is, I feel like we're cheating on our current RE.  It's like we have this clandestine meeting planned immediately before our appointment with our current RE to check my progesterone next week.  One appointment is at 10:00 (new clinic) and the other is at 11:45 (old clinic).  Maybe I should just ask the new doctor if they could do my bloodwork instead.  That way, I won't feel like an infertile tramp.

I'm excited though.  I feel like I have a little ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds after that phone call.  Yes, it is very easy to find the smallest reason to hope when dealing with an infertile tramp.  The new doctor even said they'd actually train Rik on how to give an injection (WOW!) instead of drawing an X on my butt cheek and telling him to make sure he doesn't snag the nerve that's right next to the X.  Who would have thunk it?  Sounds like my new doctor is a pretty smart lady.  Oh, and that's the other thing... my new doctor will be a chick.  I think I like that!  There's a 25% chance that she'll be hormonal at the same time I'm hormonal.  (Is that a little more sunshine I see?)

Ok, that's the news for now.  Rik said he isn't excited yet because he needs more time to enjoy his excitement over being done with our "old" RE.  He loves to savor the moment!  :)

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