Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four!

I've been up since 7:00 this morning and for those of you that know me, you know how weird this is.  I'm a sleeper!  Nonetheless, here I am, two hours later having my coffee and writing out this post.  It feels kind of good to know I have the whole day ahead of me.

I'm gearing up for a great weekend with a few of my best buddies in the whole world.  My nieces and nephew (only one this weekend since one has other plans - ah...getting older and too cool for his aunt these days and one isn't ready to spend the night yet) are coming over and we're going to have some serious fun.  Allow me to introduce, four of the funniest people on the planet:

This is Rea.  She is 3 yrs old and although she doesn't look the picture of hilarity here, don't be deceived, the kid will have you rolling on the ground in no time.  Between the curls, the cheeks, the big brown eyes and long eyelashes, I don't stand a chance (nor do you).  I LOVE this beautiful girl.

Case in point.  I sat her here so I could get a picture of these stools on sale to send to my hubby.  I said, "Wow....these stools are on sale, Rea!" and this was her reaction.  No prompting, no staging.  She's just a goofball at the ripe ol' age of 3 1/2.   Did I mention that her Mom is pretty much the funniest person I've ever met though?  She really does come by it honestly in that household.  

The girl has an 11 year old big sister.  What type of picture would it be if it didn't include a peace sign?  Hello!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Rea.  She is one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen and this picture captures such a sweet moment we were having.  The lights were all out but one lamp, we were reading her books and relaxing on the couch trying to gear down and get ready for bed.  Usually, she throws out a funny face or a wacky smile, or a peace sign when she sees the camera...but this evening, she just gave me that little half grin.

See?  Peace sign.  This is Owen.  One of Rea's big brothers.  This photo was a couple of years back, but I love it because it's right when he started figuring out what his "style" was gonna be.  He's somewhat bashful but like Rea, he has the longest eyelashes EVER, beautiful big brown eyes, curls and the girls are going to eat him up (more so than they already do) in high school.  He's pretty freakin' awesome.  He laughs A LOT which I adore.  My favorite sound in the world?  Owen's laugh when he was a toddler.  Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.

This was from my cell phone, but you can still see those eyelashes.  Owen is our competitor.  It doesn't matter if it's running, having big leg muscles or being able to blink faster than everyone else....he wants to win.  It's really entertaining.  I'll try to get a video of us competing at something this weekend.  Rumor has it my mom is hosting a Wii tournament at her place... it's ON.  I love this boy so much.
 And here we have our diva.  This is Mallory.  She's 11 years old.  Sister to Owen and Rea (and Matt - Mr. Too Cool For Shae Shae's House).  Obviously, she is the performer.  In Kindergarten, her award at graduation was "Most Likely to Write, Produce and Star In Her Own Drama"....that says it all.  She is very smart, very hilarious, beautiful and a great big sister.  I remember when she was 3 years old and wanted no one in the world but me.  It had to be the best feeling in the world to mean so much to such a little person.  We're still best buddies and I love her so much.

Mallory again.  She is at that age now where she's getting taller and thinner it seems every time I see her. She hates having her picture taken lately (huge surprise there) because she's working on losing her molars and hates the way it looks in pictures.  Silly goose.  She's tried several sports and hasn't found her niche yet.  I'm holding out hope that it's running track, volleyball or dancing (like me).  She used to call tennis shoes her "faster shoes" and she swore they made her go really fast.  I think she was four then.

 ((Hopefully)) Kelsey Bug.  Kelsey is actually my adopted niece.  She belongs to my best friend and is Mallory's best friend.  I love that!  Kelsey is 10 years old, very athletic, very sweet and has the best manners of any kid I've ever met.  She's bright and has the most gorgeous green eyes.  When you get her and Mallory together, oh ready for your side to hurt.  They are hilarious.

She really should be a model.  I took her pictures last spring and they turned out amazing. I love having this kid over and can't wait to see her today.  Oh, and did I mention the kid was "born to dance"? No training, no practice, but the girl can get down!  :)  Photo op later possibly? hmm.....  I absolutely love and adore this big hearted little girl.

And here is where hysterical and hilarious meet and giggles abound.  Kelsey (L) and Mallory (R) attempting to rob everyone of their seriousness.  Yes, those are pantyhose on their heads.  It's a long story, but suffice it to say they were in the throes of a birthday party, cake was running through their veins and they'd had a bit of caffeine.  I still think I'll frame this one.

So, what do you think?  Will I have a good time this weekend?  I'm thinking, YES.  Between the three girls and Owen, I have a feeling that I'll have a ton of new pictures to post by tomorrow afternoon.  I cannot WAIT to see them and spend time with them.  I haven't seen my brother's kiddo's in a few weeks and I miss them very much.  Luckily, I saw Kelsey and her little brother, Madd Man this week.  I wish he'd spend the night, but I think we're still a year or so away from him staying away from his mama overnight with us. Not that I blame him though.  I'd spend all my time with her too if I could.  :)

An update is coming about our new RE, I just haven't had the time to post it or haven't really felt like talking about it...but I will say, we love her and we feel really good about the whole situation.  Now, I have to go upstairs and get the slumber party room ready.  Yay!!!!

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