Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Wonderful Weekend! (a little late in the week)

So, in the past week, we've been super busy doing things I thought we'd never get to do.  Fun things as a family that are warming my heart as the weather warms our days.  I am pretty sure that Easton will be very thankful not to have wear a jacket anymore. If there is one thing he really hates its having his shirt changed or a jacket put on.  Poor kid.  He does what my friend April refers to as the "child abuse" scream.  

Look at that face!  "NO MORE JACKETS, MOMMY!" 
One of the rare pictures of us together.  :)

We decided to take Easton for a weekend "hike" since the weather was going to be perfect!  70's, sunny, breezy...ugh.  It was magnificent.   While we were getting ready, Easton decided he'd take a snack break and work on his toes for a bit.  The boy will leave what I refer to as, "redneck love marks" on his toes he sucks them so hard.  They must taste delicious.  The little rascal has the sweatiest feet you've ever felt, for sure.  I thought that was something that happened later in life, like when they are 15, but apparently.....not the case.  Stanky, sweaty, boy feet.  Love 'em.


Saturday, we went to Whole Foods and did a little grocery shopping.  I'm making E's baby food, so I had to stock up.   We got lunch and ate outside in the glorious sunshine.  Easton loved it.  He loves walking through the colorful produce section and grabbing at random pretty things.  It's quite adorable.

Once we wrapped up lunch, we headed out to the toy store (so he could window shop), and on to the baseball fields for Daddy to do a little work.  Rik is a baseball coach at a high school so his job is never done when it comes to field maintenance and the like.  After that, we headed on over to walk the Walnut Street Bridge and strolled around Coolidge Park.  It was busy and crowded with families playing football, having cookouts, playing in the fountains.  It was awesome!  Easton was amazed by all the hustle and bustle.

Gotta protect those baby blues!

By the time we headed on back across the bridge, he was pretty wiped out. He'd been going strong for about four hours with no nap.  He was so cute doing his best to stay awake.  He lost the battle about halfway to the car. 

Sunday, we did a lot of the same.  We went downtown and had ourselves a little picnic at the ball field while Rik mowed and watered the field.  It was beautiful again so we lathered up in sunscreen, threw on hats and just chilled out in the outfield on a blanket.  He loves grass on his feet.  It's so amazing to see things through his eyes.  Sounds, sights, smells...they are all new to him and he's amazed by it all.  Birds singing can keep his attention for 15 minutes straight.  That's amazing for this fella!

"I think I'll take a nap!"  My sweet little buddy.

We met Rik's parents for lunch at this sweet little pizza joint that has always been a favorite of ours downtown.  They adore Easton and it was nice to see them.  Rik's Dad always takes lots of pictures!  I love it.

We had dinner at a friends house and enjoyed a nice game of wiffle ball.  Rik got "trucked" by a 9 year old boy and may or may not have ended up on his butt staring up at said 9 year old.  Hilariousness.

We haven't done much else this week.  I've worked every day during the day and so it wasn't really until yesterday that I was able to get E back outside for a little R&R.  He decided he'd go ahead and start sitting up by himself for extended periods of time yesterday.  He sat up for a solid 5-7 minutes before falling over!  I must admit that I was quite proud of him.  

"I don't need your stinkin' help! I'm a big boy!"

Easton turned 5 months old Monday and I can't believe it.  He's growing up too fast and I just want to slow it down so I can enjoy every single second.  I don't want to miss a thing.  I'm cherishing every second of every minute of this journey.  

Till next time,

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  1. I could eat him. Yup. A little bbq sauce and we are good to go. Sounds like you guys had the perfect weekend!!! Many more to come Im sure! Life is GOOD. xo