Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meet Skeletor Baby

Yes, these Uber creepy shots are my gorgeous child who loves dressing up for Halloween year round.

One of therapy has the kid playing peek a boo.  We are going to get along great.  Loves costumes, Halloween, dancing and games....done and done. 

The last one is a sexy profile shot with a sweet little wave to hold us over till next time. :)

Enjoy! Video to come later! Love to all of you for the crazy awesome support!


  1. The cutest little skeleton that ever was!

  2. what a beautiful sight, skeletor costume or not! ;) i love seeing u/s pics where the baby's waving. it's almost like a glimpse of his/her personality. :)

  3. I feel in love with this baby the second I saw the nike's....

  4. OMG!! How on earth have I missed this news?? I have been so wrapped up in my own world that I somehow didn't realize that you are freaking PREGNANT! I am so beyond excited for you and just know that you are going to be an amazing mother. AHHHHHH!