Thursday, October 20, 2011


  • The advent of the spoon MUST have coincided with the development of making and eating jellies and jams on bread.  There is no other thing in this world that spreads jelly better than a spoon.  And don't challenge me on this because then I'll have to spoon you.
  • Having laparoscopic surgery jacks you up for weeks.  They should give you pain pills, sleepy-time pills and then a healthy dose of laxatives. (I'd take those last two at different times of the day.)
  • I think I wanna open up my etsy shop and actually sell things in it.  Who needs some wine charms or dangly beaded earrings?  Maybe I could send the supplies to someone else and then I can have them make me stuff?
  • I'm wearing my hubbys "lucky" brand underwear and they are super cute.  They have little clovers on them and are super soft.  Maybe they'll bring me luck! 
  • Yesterday, a guy I work with was on a call w/ a medical provider and decided it would be funny to tell them to hold on and pretend to have a conversation in spanish with a client that had walked in.  This is odd b/c this guy doesn't know spanish very well at all, there wasn't a client anywhere upstairs with us and he was being this ignorant to one of our customers.  I wonder why he has his job sometimes.  He was so proud of how funny he thought he had been.  We were all livid.
  • Baxter Bagwell has the raunchiest booty you have ever smelled but also has the cutest little howl that he does for 20 minutes after you get home from work.  Melts your hair with one and your heart with the other!
  • Rik wrote his first blog post.  :)  I will be posting it tomorrow!  
  • Looks like I'll start my new medicine in a few days!
  • Wedding this weekend for Rik's brother and his long time girlfriend.  I can't wait for the wedding!  I made her wedding cake topper and it looks great!  (Pics to come)
  • It has been so cold here today.  Like, really cold.
  • I'm going to bed b/c I am barely getting this post out before I fall asleeeep!
Thankful for all of you and wish you all lots of happiness this weekend!!


  1. I am in full agreement about the spoon and the laxatives after surgury. Although I am hesitant to mention those two things in one sentence.

    Have a great time at the wedding!

  2. Oh gosh, lap surgery does F you up for weeks! I wasn't prepared for it! Have a blast at the wedding :)

  3. Sign me up for some cute dangly earrings!!
    As for the surgery and pills...yup! Same here. Hell, even with my period I just popped a pain pill and followed with a swig of 'make me go' juice :)
    Have a great weekend at the wedding!