Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm immature....but you've probably already figured that out.

**For the record, this could definitely qualify as TVT, but since it's Monday, we'll just go with it!**

So, my brother and I have an interesting relationship.  We tease each other mercilessly and can be downright ridiculous when we are together.  I realllly wish blogger would let me upload the video I have of our Minute To Win It contest....but I digress.  This weekend, I decided since he hadn't checked on me since my surgery, I'd be a stinker and get even with him for forgetting not caring about me.  I sent him a pic text of the picture the doctor gave us which showed my left ovary with all of the endometrium fluid on it and said, "I hope you never look at chocolate syrup the same way again!"  Immature?  Yes.  Unladylike? Definitely.  Disgusting? Naturally.  Super Awesome?  HECK YES!  He wrote me back hours later and said, "OMG, Shannon, that just made my knees weak."  SCORE!

Come to think of it, he never did ask me if I was ok.  Thank goodness he has a wife that takes care of... well, caring for his family.  I sent her the pic too and told her my left ovary is the one that hates mac n cheese, NOT me.  I am no longer at fault there.  She wasn't very sympathetic to that....

I've ALSO decided that it's my left ovary that doesn't like doing laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, paying bills OR exercising lately.  It was diseased people!  It's not my fault...or at least it wasn' I guess it will be my fault again.  Crap.  Note to self: Find some other piece of yourself to blame for the above (or lack thereof).  It seems to be a reasonable detractor of attention from the entire self.

In other news, it appears we'll probably jump right back on the ART wagon - and I don't mean the traveling Dali & Van Gogh Scratch & Dent wagon.  I'm talking Assisted Reproductive Technology!  We're going to get right back to doing our 3rd IUI (since our last one was cancelled at the old clinic b/c they missed our ovulation period).  The (new and fantastic) doc said this is a prime baby making environment so...let's do it.  Why waste another month?  We just tossed two out the window w/ the bath water by first, relying on our previous RE to do a good job and failing and second, by having to take a month off for my surgery.  I'm just hoping that the endometriosis is our last hurdle before sprinting (or waddling) towards the finish line.  Since it's about that time, I guess I'll be starting Clomid again in about a 7-10 days.  I'm ready.  Let's do this (with assistance, in a clinic, on a table, in the stirrups)!!!

Also coming up, I'm going to have my first guest blogger ever....and I hope you all are over-the-moon excited about it!  It is none other than my wonderful, fantastic, amazingly gorgeous and sensitive husband, Rik!  He is a fantastic writer and I'm hoping once he gets a little taste of this blogging biz, he'll start his own about dealing w/ infertility.  He's such an insightful person.  I'm hoping he'll have something for me to post within the next week.  Any ideas for topics or should I just give him a free pass to say whatever he wants to say (could get interesting)?  I'll leave it up to you gals & guy (love ya, Paul!).

I will close by posting my all-time favorite picture of me and my best friend in the whole wide world.  This was taken this spring when we had a few snow storms blow through and it warms my heart every time I look at this photo.  It's framed on my mantle so I see it a lot.  He's such a good boy!

Chance & Mommy



  1. hahaha I love the text you sent your brother :) Definitely soopa-awesome. :) Yay for getting right back in the stirrups! Time's a wastin! Love your pup picture...makes me miss mine so much :(

  2. I am so glad I found your blog bc you really make me laugh :)
    Immature? If it is, I'm right there with ya!!! I totally agree on using the ovary as the blame for the dislikes in your life.

  3. Ha! You crack me up. Yay for prime baby-making environments and moving forward.

    Love that pic of you and Chance. :)

  4. What an awesome pic!

    Definitely love that you're moving on to IUI #3. This new RE sounds like exactly what you needed.

  5. You are hilarious, and really really funny :) haha. You sound like you have the same relationship with your brother that I do. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

    Hooray for stirrups!

  6. It is a good thing that you figured out that you'll need another excuse for not being normal (not liking mac & cheese). I had a huge comment forming in my head to tell you that your ovary is fixed and you no longer have that excuse. LOL

    I have tried to get Paul to post on my blog or start one of his own for a while now. Now, I can tell him Rik is doing it and he should too. :)

  7. Good luck with the new doc! I think a change of venue can do a world of good! Great pic of you and your buddy.

  8. You all make me so happy and I love your comments. I love them more than I love tri-color cheese tortilini from Pasta Jay's in Boulder, Colorado. :) And that's my death row meal. I'm wondering though, why not one of you gave any inkling as to what I should have my hubby write about....?

  9. I love your humor....and thanks for not sending me the image because I love chocolate syrup. By the way TVT is for everyday!

  10. I'm totally stuck on the fact that you don't like mac & cheese. That is not normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the pic of you and Chance - our border collie (Chief) looks similar. Collies are such good dogs. :)