Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creatively Adding To My List

So, reading all these blogs written by all these amazing folks has really got me thinking.....I need to continue start my journey to being as creative as I can possibly be.  

Growing up, I had a wild imagination.  I made things, jewelry, perfume (not my best work).  I wrote poetry and short stories.  I read all the time (still do) and loved nothing more than going places in my mind I'd never been to and knew I probably never would.  Then I grew up.

I realized you had to work hard, make a living, pay your bills, eat, sleep and then do it all over again.  It's not that I suddenly thought, "Oh well, responsibility=creative".  It's not that at all...I just let life get in the way I suppose.

I've poked and prodded my creative self here and there-I taught myself to knit and crochet, I've refinished a few pieces of furniture, I've written poetry pretty regularly, I've made a few interesting pieces of jewelry, I made the masquerade mask I wore for my birthday party last week and then there was the two years or so where I made and sold gift baskets filled with my own bath gels, lotions, soaps, lip balm, etc.....but I just fill kind of empty because I'm not really doing anything regularly.  

My husband, Rik has his art studio on the basement floor of the house and I have the upstairs bonus room set up just for me.  It's currently home to hundreds of Christmas decorations (yes my tree is still up and the lights are still on the house) scattered all over the floor and my yarn collection pushed into each corner for safe-keeping.  It's like a Christmas graveyard decorated with skeins of yarn.  I really feel badly about not doing anything to get things back in order up there!

For the first time in my life, I've become a sedentary being.  I get home from work and I sit.  I fix our dinner or we grab something and then I do nothing but get on the computer or watch television.  What happened to the days of old when I refused to even turn ON the tube because it was such a huge waste of my time?  It's like all the energy (creative and otherwise) has just been zapped out of me.  This blog is the closest thing to creative that I can get right now it seems.  

I think I'm in the dumps.  I need a kick start or a jolt or a jarring or something...inspiration would be welcome at this point too.  

So, here it is....I'm going to go on record here and say that I have decided this will be added to my New Year's Resolution list:

Shannon's 2010 New Year's Resolution List (thus far):
1) To keep my mouth shut more often.
2) To be creative in some way each day.

There, I feel better because I've now made it official.  I'm going to do my level best to post some pictures of my projects to come just to keep me honest!  

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  1. Thank you SO much for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm glad I could help you to be stronger...although I feel like I'm the biggest pessimistic wimp ever right now, lol! How very weird that we both lost our babies on the same day:( Not to mention the fact that we're both 30 and we both live in the south!

    I hope that you are doing okay after your really sucks and I'm sure it will take some time for both of us to recover. I have found SO many people in the blogging community that I've become good friends with...there's so much support on here. It's like one big therapy group!

    Thanks again for your nice comments and I look forward to getting to know you! Take care:)