Sunday, January 17, 2010

Healthy Eating Looking for Happy Eater

I've decided to revert back to my former healthy, active self.  I decided to get up off the couch.  In doing so, I have had to find things to fill my time that was otherwise being filled with vegging.  I cleaned the house, played with the dogs, and made a lovely grocery list.

Which leads me to the reason for this post!  I've decided to go back to cooking for us five nights a week.  We've been eating out way too much the past three months (thank you holiday season!).   I've managed to gain about 5 lbs that I don't like looking at every day.

With that being said, I went to the grocery store, list in hand, ready to tackle the shopping all on my own.  Let me just interject here that Rik usually goes with me and splits the list (yes, he's a saint of a man) but today, he was home, waiting on the in-laws to visit.  So anywho, I pull into the parking lot and find the ultimate bonus: A front row parking space!

I make it inside with my shopping arsenal: water bottle, credit card, mack-daddy grocery list and ink pen only to realize that at least 2000 people and their closest relatives had also decided to get off the couch.  What a madhouse!!!!  Two hours and forty minutes, and over $200 later, I exit the building exhausted, irritable and with achey legs!  I grumbled the whole way to the car (all of 20 seconds thanks to my awesome parking spot!).

Then, as I loaded those bags into the back of the car, I did what I always do when I leave a grocery store with an overflowing cart....I said a huge thank you to big guy upstairs.  How blessed I am to live in a place where I can work, and bring home a decent paycheck so that I can afford to eat any time that I am hungry.  How blessed I am that there is a place near me where food abounds and I can get anything that we need.  After I finished my prayer of thanks, my mood had improved considerably and I felt silly for being so grumpy!

I can't tell you how many yummy, healthy items I bought, but I know we won't have to buy lunch or dinner again for a few weeks!  In an effort to help myself (trust me, I need it!), I made a menu for this weeks dinners and another menu for the lunches I'd need to pack for myself each night.  Then, I packed a bag full of healthy snacks (apples, granola bars, 100 cal almond packs, water bottles, oatmeal and english muffins) so that I can eat more healthy breakfast items and snacks while I'm at work!

I'm feeling better about this year already!  This week's menu for dinner is looking pretty tasty and I'm happy to say that I'm back on the healthy wagon!  Gym clothes are packed, lunch is packed, meat is thawing for tomorrows dinner, and breakfast is laying on the counter for me to gulp down in the morning.

I feel like today was a winner....and dangit, so am I.


  1. I hate grocery shopping!!! However, I am doing the same thing as you...starting tomorrow! I only wish I was as organized as you:)

  2. Yeah, you are a winner! Keep up the spirit =)
    I've bought a lot of healthy snacks and tons of fruits too so I can be as healthy as possible. It feels great doesn't it?