Monday, January 4, 2010


I can't imagine what some people go through in their lives that makes them who they are. We're all so very different. Yet, so very similar.

I know it's a collective chutney of sweet and spicy events all mixed together culminating in the savory (or otherwise) dish we are presented with in the end but......the mind and the heart and the soul are warped, twisted, improved, changed with every day that passes from the day they are born. Each day, each ingredient in our life's recipe effects us in a very specific, very irreversible way. In ways we cannot avoid. In ways we learn to understand, accept and adjust to.

Because of who we are and how we've been shaped thus far in our lives directly impacts how every thing, every situation, every event will change us and mold us further. Our past indirectly influences and reflects our future. We chose our situations, but never how our brains, our soul or whatever you want to call it will respond.

How I react to and overcome adversity, joy, trials and challenges today is different from how I would have approached it five years ago or even five days ago (because it's not who I am now) and therefore it's different in how it alters me in the future; my future self.

It's like a very well-made map was drawn for my life and it is being followed every day, in the correct order, as it should to make me the person that I was meant to be. And with each change, each day I'm alive I am morphing just enough into my future self to experience the following day as I was meant to.

Each event, or occurrence or person I meet I am meeting or experiencing as I was meant to meet them, at the proper time in my life for it to develop me into the ME that I'll be on the day that I die.

What a thought?

The caveat to this, of course, is understanding why "bad people" end up the way they do if it's all part of a master plan that we can't control. If we can't control how something effects our mind or our soul, how can we cast so much blame on those who are subjected to the unthinkable?...and how can some people experience horrific things that they can rebound from and go on with their lives while others can experience far less and it causes them to break down, murder, rage? It's like having our minds, our psyche made up of different types of material...or fabric. Some sturdier than others, some delicate as tissue paper, easily ripped and torn to pieces.

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