Monday, June 24, 2013

1 Tooth, 2 Tooth, 3 Tooth, BITE!

Well, my little munchkin has his third tooth and with this new development, has come a new habit. Biting.
Most of the time, it is a finger or a nose but now and again, he chomps down while nursing. This is a problem, friends.
His pediatrician recommended pulling him away, getting on his level and firmly saying, "Easton, no biting." So far, that has only made him laugh or smile sweetly before giving me the shove and yanking down hard on my shirt front.
Last night, he surprised me and I gasped and said his name suddenly. He was half asleep so it scared him to death. He cried and cried.
Any tips out there from you Mommy's or Daddy's? Desperate here!

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  1. yikes! Biting while nursing is the worst. Jack did it a few times. The first couple I was awake and tried the whole: detach and calmly but firmly say no. The last time it happened - I was half asleep and he chomped down and I yelled "OUCH". I couldn't help it, it was just my instant reaction. He burst into tears too and then never bit me again. I felt bad, but hey, it was obviously better than being chewed on more.