Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Lights

Driving to work today, I was headed into downtown and could see several street lights coming up ahead of me.  All of the lights were green.  All three or four of them.  That NEVER happens.  And I had the thought, "Wow, green lights as far as the eye can see!"  And it hit me that I wish life could be that way sometimes.  Is it wrong to wish everything was easy, all the time?  Would that make me incredibly selfish or spoiled?

I know people who appear to have lives that way.  They've never really had to face hardship, never really had to deal with adversity, just moved along through life as easy as can be, nothing but green lights.  It just doesn't seem normal.  I will say though that those people, when finally faced with tragedy or adversity, lose themselves entirely because they don't know how to handle it.  I've seen a perfectly sound adult turn into a four year old, temper tantrum included, because things got tough.  Yet, they have lead a life of virtual ease and blessings for 25-30 years.  

My life experiences have prepared me for the hard stuff I'd like to think.  I fall in the middle somewhere of being truly blessed and having a rough life.  The normal things happened, parents got divorced, over-possessive boyfriend who I let control my every thought for years and years....and then other stuff that isn't normal or right or fair.  But it happened.  And I'm stronger for it.  I can handle life's hardships better because of it.  

But I can't help but wonder what it must feel like to live so carefree, so easy and blessed and lucky with nothing but green lights as far as the eye can see....


  1. This SAME thing happened to me the other morning...every light I hit on the way to work was green. I remember thinking to myself...dang, this never happens to me. I, too, wonder what it would be like for every day to be that easy! Very good post!

  2. A snippet from a favorite song...
    ...lights all green, the radio plays just the perfect song..."

    May you have green lights in life often; may you pay attention to the caution lights that keep you safe; and may you always, ALWAYS remember that red lights mean stop, but only for a little while. Green always comes back.

    Love you!