Friday, November 22, 2013

My Son Smells Like a Daiquiri (Virgin).

I was all snuggled up with Easton yesterday begging for a smooch.  He finally relented and leaned in for an open-mouth, slobbery, breathy kiss.  He smelled like a tropical daiquiri.  Like he was from the islands.

My son could live on fruit.  Seriously.  He practically does.  He went from eating everything you put in front of him to turning his tiny nose up at everything (almost) except fruit.  Any fruit will do.  Blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, oranges, avocado (is that a fruit?) and especially, bananas. Sure, he'll throw down some cheese and crackers and toast here and there.  Even the occasional bowl of cereal or oatmeal (with fruit), but typically, he is holding out for nature's candy.  FRUIT.

I've made some headway lately.  Last week, he actually had several bites of pork roast, potatoes and carrots.  The next day, I was so excited to give him it again for lunch and of course, he gagged and threw it on the floor.  A few days later, he ate spaghetti.  I packed a ton of spinach in that sauce along with tomatoes and onions and other spices and was pumped he actually ate it!  The next day, forget about it.

Since then, it's been nothing but cheese toast, eggs, whole grain pancakes (with bananas), the random piece of bacon, cheerios and FRUIT.  Everyone says it's a phase and they will come and go, but honestly, two months seems like a very long phase in baby/toddler time.  The child smells like a tropical fruit daiquiri!

Adding to this problem is that because of the fruit, he poops a ton.  We erroneously gave him way too many clementines two weeks ago and ended up with a raging case of diaper rash.  We're still fighting that.  He's only had bland fruits since then because I don't want his tiny hiney to be rashy and I'm pretty sure that's what is doing it!

We brush his little teeth with water every day and he drinks a lot of water so I'm not worried about his teeth.  Our friend is a dentist and he said it's fine as long as we're keeping his mouth clean.  My only problem now is that I worry he will be deficient in some vitamins he needs.  He is only nursing twice a day now and we have moved him to whole milk instead of formula so I am SO stressing about his vitamins/nutrient levels.  Yet another reason I do not want him eating a lot of processed junk.

Does anyone else have this problem with their tot?  Any ideas on how to combat his love of fruit and try to get him to eat more savory things?  He'd rather starve than eat vegetables (unless it's a Monday night and you stand on one foot and they are cold, not hot and served in a tupperware container).  I'm just stumped here and I need some help from someone other than Google.  :)

I will wrap this post up with the most adorable picture of my fruit-smelling little rugrat.  This is from his 1 year old session.  My little aviator!


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  1. Ha. No advice, but I can commiserate with the picky kid thing. She used to eat everything, and for the past year, she goes in stages (that yes, last weeks or MONTHS at a time) of only eating the same few foods over and over. I never stressed about it while we nursed 2x/day (thru 15) though since then it's harder to stay calm about it. Honestly, the peds doc keeps saying she'll eat what she needs to eat - keep offering healthy choices, and eventually they're expand their eating repertoire again. Hang in there!