Monday, October 1, 2012

34 Weeks

Well, let's see.  I'm due an update, I think.

Weight Gain:  17 lbs.  I actually lost a lb this week, which I find strange considering the amount of food we had at the baby shower this weekend but Rik thinks it's because we've been going nonstop.  (In other words, fatty got some exercise!)

Cravings: Still none.  I'm disappointed here.  I was actually hoping for some weird cravings but so far, nothing.  I have wanted to eat hot wings more frequently but that could be just b/c we found some we really like at a restaurant downtown.

Stretch marks:  Tiny on my butt.  Nothing on the tummy so far.  Let's hope this skin of mine holds up a few more weeks!  I still can't imagine my skin stretching any further, but I know it's going to.  I feel MASSIVE.

Heartburn?  Nope, none.  Doc put me on an antacid in the first trimester and it's been wonderful.  I even eat Indian food and have ZERO problems.

How do I feel?  HUGE.  I think I've lost FAT weight while gaining a steady amount of BABY weight so I am not tiny by any means.  I went from not showing at all in July to looking like I swallowed a pumpkin.  There was no gradual growth here.  :)

Sleep:  What's that?  Between the hip pain, the cramps in my legs (not as bad as my BFF's though!), being hungry, having to pee, pre-pregnancy sleep issues that are still present and having SO much on my mind now, I'm up several hours a night.  On weekends, I'm up by 7 at least every morning.  We were at Wal.mart by 8 am on Saturday.  I managed to wake Rik up to spend some early morning time w/ me. ha!

What do I miss most?  Being able to bend over comfortably and being able to move quickly.  I never realized how fast I do things until now.  It's brutal.  I may also miss Ambien.  (See above)

What am I most concerned about?  Lately, pre-term labor.  I don't know why, but I am scared of going into early labor.  Each week has me breathing a little easier, though not comfortably yet.  I had several people tell me they don't think I'll make it full-term over the weekend.  I'm guessing it's b/c they think I look about ready to pop.  Let's hope he stays put at least till 38-39 weeks.

What am I most looking forward to?  Holding him and kissing his little face.  There are so many reasons I have these days to be grateful for my healthy boy and thankful that God has allowed us this blessing.  I just want to hold him and kiss him and let him know how precious he is to us.  I know we aren't guaranteed that everything will be a-ok but I'm going to keep believing it will be.

Showers?  I had two!  My best friend on the planet hosted one for me with my mom (pics to come).  Keesha did an AMAZING job with the decorations and the hand-made gifts for Easton.  I can't even tell you how blown away I was by her creativity and how well she obviously knows my taste.  There are few times in life when you really KNOW how much you are loved and cared for by another person and this was one of those times.  I don't know that I'll ever be able to properly thank her for her generosity and thoughtfulness.  My mom was the cook/financier of the event and I'd be completely remiss if I didn't mention that she has spoiled me absolutely rotten since I've been pregnant.  I've always been her kiddo that never needed anything from her and have always been very self-sufficient.  She has taken this opportunity to give and give and give some more b/c she knows I won't turn it away if it's for the baby boy.  ;)  I think she may need some rules put in place for when Easton gets here. haha....He'll be ROTTEN otherwise.  Our other shower was this weekend and it was an awesome couples shower thrown for me by my buddy Ashley and her husband, Easton's namesake (Andrew), Drew and my other friend April.  We reused most of Keesha's awesome decorations and ideas and had an awesome spread of food.  My step-dad made pork tenderloin and jalepeno popper thingys and then we had baked beans, cole slaw and mac n cheese catered in.  It was awesome!  I was concerned b/c many of the invitees couldn't make it but since it rained and we moved it indoors, the crowd was just the right size and it was a blast.  I can't believe how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends.  Drew gave an amazing toast that made us all cry and pledged to help us raise and love Easton as much as we have loved his children.  It was precious and I will never forget it.

Nursery:  Almost done!  I'm having commitment issues when it comes to wall art and furniture locations.  Ergh.  We finally got our glider!  It's amazing and I can't wait to spend LOTS of time in it.

Ok, that's all I can come up with right now.  I go to the doc tomorrow and will see how the little fella is doing.  He was measuring right on target again two weeks ago after having a few ultrasounds where he was measuring ahead of schedule.  Thank goodness, that was apparently just a growth spurt and not anything that needs to be a cause for concern at this point.  My gestational diabetes is under control and I'm doing well with the diet.  It's not a tough diet to stick to at all since I don't crave sweets or anything. The biggest thing that bothers me is pricking my finger so often (four times per day).  I only prick three fingers on each hand so every other day, I'm pricking those fingers again.  Ring fingers and pinky fingers are free-bleeders and they friggin hurt!  :)

I hope you all are doing well.  We've been so busy lately, I have some catching up to do on my blog reading.  Forgive me for all the late comments I'll be throwing your way!

from the couch,


  1. Hi. It's me. Daydreaming about Easton's nursery! I swear every time I see something "vintage-y baseball" you immediately come to mind! :) Whoa. He's going to be here in like three minutes. Well, no stay put till your full term little one! Just seems like it's flyin by!

  2. Yay!!! Such a wonderful and exciting time!!! And I'll bet you're not craving anything because you're so healthy. My first baby I craved pickles/vinegar/salt like a CRAZY person. I kid you not. One night I opened a brand new GIANT jar of pickles, ate the whole thing in one sitting, and started DRINKING the "juice" because I couldn't get enough. At which point my husband was completely disgusted and took it away. And I CRIED (LOL) because he didn't understand that I NEEDED it. Hahahaha. Anyway, turns out, I was craving all that because my thyroid was dying and it's a common craving for thyroid. My second pregnancy I didn't have any big cravings, because I was properly medicated. So I'll take it as a good sign of being healthy that you're not going berserk and drinking vinegar. :)

  3. Glad you're getting accustomed to no or little sleep! If no one else has told you, I'd love to say it gets better; I'm not a liar though. You're gonna have so much fun :)

  4. Hey now - I was all excited for a bump pic, but there was none!!

    I never had cravings, and my midwife said it was because my body wasn't deficient in anything (like the commenter above said - thyroid issues, low iron, or whatever all cause different cravings) - so be happy that you're pretty even keeled right now!!

    Your showers sound absolutely wonderful - I'm so glad you have great family and friends like that to support you!